The Friendly Bouncers

Episode 3, Part 2: The Guild, the Guild, the Guild is on Fire

The Friendly Bouncers dropped everything, including three of their prisoners, and hurried to the town square, where their guild hall and the surrounding building had erupted into a roaring cacophony of flames. There, a black-haired young woman with drooping catlike ears proclaimed that the group had arrived too little, too late, brandishing the night’s spoils in one hand: the ever-flowing wine glass of Fornicus. The group attempted to give chase, but were stopped in their tracks by a brainwashed Hermot and Fornicus, their flesh literally transformed by a surge of violent, primal desire. The Bouncers’ resolve did not waver in the slightest, and after a harsh reprimanding and swift beatdown they were able to knock the sense back into their comrades.

After being touched up at the local infirmary, Mandingo gave the group a new order to find whoever was responsible and bring them to justice. The Bouncers re-entered the Rivergate Memorial Spire, thanks to some timely pouting from Lazlya, only to find that the captives they had dropped were long gone. The remaining two, Phantom Red and Phantom Yellow, regained consciousness shortly thereafter, both of them muttering in their sleep over someone called “Pink”. Dregar and Svay interrogated the now hyperventilating Phantom Red, who revealed that Pink was a former Phantom Ranger, who had ultimately left the group due to the general feeling of sexual harassment and racial intolerance from local civilians. Her whereabouts were currently unknown.

Red also revealed that the Phantom Rangers had planned to report to their client, a shady old man by the name of Griswold, by next sundown. Svay recognized the name as that of the former merchant owner of what was now the Fornicopia. With their target on the run and time ticking away, the Bouncers lay in wait to intercept Griswold and hopefully get the answers they need.



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