The Friendly Bouncers

First Impressions: Inside the Mind of a Boy-Crazy Woman

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Lazlya’s Diary

Day 1 as Friendly Bouncer Intern
Initial impressions of current party:

Dregar needs to stop trying to convince me to grow out my hair. Also, he is not sexy. I’d give him a 4 tops. He looks best when I look at him from my left while sitting down. Thoradin, probably the same, but he seems much more chill than Dregar.

I haven’t spoken much to Chase but it’s hard not to want to pet him! Especially in that tickly spot at the base of the tail!

Svay seems the nicest of the group when he isn’t bossing the new recruits to do lunges in chainmail. He’s also handsome! I wonder if he’s seeing anyone!

Oh and I guess I’ll have to wait to meet that red-haired eladrin. I wanted to ask her where she bought that choker.

Hello again book. I am writing this while our client is informing us about the items in his exhibit. That pretzel I had from the kiosk downstairs wasn’t too bad with the jalapenos. No one wanted to share the pretzel with me though! Well I guess I don’t blame them, I really spiced it up pretty badly!

Mmm…this Lilina Rezanthe is truly a beautiful woman. Her rack is bigger than that Longtooth woman that Chase played as! Speaking of Chase, I want to pet his fur. And nuzzle it. Ah, I miss the cats at Caboodle ranch.



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