Craig Windsor


An ugly man whose ambitions for town fame has stunted his musical performance growth. Countless of times, Craig has gotten himself caught up with the Friendly Bouncers. Eventually, the lost of a ROCK OUT match at Rivergate to Svay and Meriele convinced him to atone.

Craig’s performances became immensely better after a town incident with the Crimson Talons, which coincidentally led to him into becoming a more agreeable guy—so much that Svay was able to persuade him to partake the role of Fornicus in Rivergate’s play. Liking his new appearance in the Fornicus get-up, he suggested the idea to have the band dress similarly for their future performances. However, Svay shunned the idea very quickly.

His Fornicus performance was so spectacular to the point he did not receive any compensation whatsoever. It is also known that the play has changed Craig Windsor into a man of Fornicus’ caliber.

Craig Windsor

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