The Infamous Red Bandit

General: Well-known for his raids on hapless passersby and transporters, Garros started as a lone thief, later asserting his authority over similar-minded kobold thieves scrounging around the outskirts of town.
He relied on a kobold by the name of Kribble to learn of upcoming shipments. Though Garros believed himself the boss of the kobolds, he was unaware that Kribble was siphoning money and equipment behind his back to fund more dubious activities. In the end, he was too weak to be of further use to Kribble, so Garros was left behind and captured by the FBU.

As of late: It is believed he was convicted in his trial and now spends his days rotting in the Rivergate prison.

Fun Fact: Garros is loathe to admit it, but he really owes most of his infamy to his days after Kribble came on board. He wasn’t really cutting it as a solo thief, and relished the chance to boss others around.


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