George "Jorge" Griswold


Merchant At Large

General: The former owner of Griswold’s Emporium, George has made a name for himself as a source of exceptionally rare (if rather dubious) goods, if you’re willing to wade through his subpar “normal menu.” He isn’t expressly evil, but not good by a long shot, always choosing to serve his own needs.
He was involuntarily made to serve as supplier and storehouse for the demented Crimson Talon cult, using his abnormally large and booby-trapped storeroom to keep things under wraps. Unsuccessful in warding the FBU from invading his storeroom, he chose to switch sides once they had the upper hand over the Crimson Talons. George officially sold his store to Fornicus for the sum of 200gp, willing to cut his losses if it meant no authority getting involved, and not having to deal with the connected rooms left behind…

As of late: George has officially had it with Rivergate. Packing what little wasn’t burned by the FBU, he’s set off for parts unknown, putting as much distance between him and the Crimson Talons’s remnants as possible.

Fun fact: Though most of his standard wares are low-quality to expand profit margins, it is said that George can brew up a mean potion when the need calls for it. It’s thanks to this and his “secret menu” that he enjoys a popular reputation among certain individuals in the know.

George "Jorge" Griswold

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