Inquisitor Melchiot

Devoted to protecting the town he loves, this lesser-known member of the "Power Trio" operates in the shadows and uproots the seeds of corruption where the law cannot reach.




The Hound that Guards Rivergate

A long-time friend of the Friendly Bouncers’ guild leader, Mandingo, Melchiot knows from experience that evil forces constantly threaten Rivergate’s continued prosperity, along with the dangers of corruption in all its forms. With a heart of gold and an iron fist, Melchiot has personally taken up the charge of defending Rivergate in places where the law cannot reach. He remains out of the public spotlight, allowing Bezelthar to handle the administrative matters of sustaining Rivergate. Meanwhile, he seeks to draw out sources of evil and corruption lurking in the shadows, in the hopes that they may be purged in the fires of justice.

According to rumors, Melchiot has established a small taskforce, known as the High Inquisition, to wield the banner of justice against corrupt forces and bring the battle to their doorstep. Knowing all too well the dangers of corruption both internally and externally, Melchiot is insistent on keeping the Inquisition as a small, tightly-knit group of trustworthy comrades united by their desire to protect all that is good in Rivergate. As such, the recruitment process has been slow. However, it appears Melchiot has spoken with Mandingo on the matter, and since then, at least one of the Friendly Bouncers has been on leave.

Inquisitor Melchiot

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