The Skulking Shadow

General: Far more clever and intelligent than his appearance suggests, Kribble makes it a point to fill in any “assistant” position he can get his claws on, using his skills as an advisor to become the real power behind the group. He’s quick to flee or switch sides when matters look grim, and many suspect that not even he knows just to whom he is beholden at any given time. Few know of his true nature, but a couple kobolds claim they’ve remembered a Kribble for a few generations now…
He buddied up to Garros with full intentions of backstabbing him when he’d outlived his usefulness, but the FBU took care of him quite handily without him having to lift a finger. He returned to his status as assistant to the chieftain of the Crimson Talons momentarily, but it’s likely he was taking orders from someone even higher up the chain before his demise.

As of late: He was slain in the battle within Griswold’s Emporium, though he managed to slip something through a teleportation circle as he fell…something that suggests he may not be out of commission entirely.

Tidbit: Kribble is exceptionally skilled with arcane machinery, and most of the contraptions the Crimson Talons use are of his own design and manufacture. It is uncertain just how extensive his arcane prowess is.


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