The Crimson Chieftain


The Broken Berserker

General: Naturally, this position is reserved for the toughest, scariest kobold in the cult, but the current chieftain is particularly nasty. So consumed is he by his desire for the Lunacy Potion that his body is equipped with a device that supplies a steady, intravenous dosage. The constant stream of potion has made him supremely ill-tempered, and he’s always spoiling for a fight. Though his body is fearsomely enhanced, his mind is scarcely there, and it’s likely he would be unable to lead the cult without Kribble’s serpentine tongue cloying him with orders and promises of more potion.

As of late: He was overcome in the FBU’s raid on Griswold’s Emporium, and he at last knows a peaceful freedom from his drugged existence.

Tidbit: Though he wears one of the Crimson Talons’s protective talismans to guard him against fire, his sense of pain is so dulled that he doesn’t even feel the heat of flames anymore. If anything, it merely fueles his drug-induced rage further.

The Crimson Chieftain

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