The Phantom Rangers


The Phantom Rangers are a group of self-proclaimed vigilantes who take up odd jobs around the town of Rivergate adorned in brightly colored skin-tight bodysuits. Recently, the Rangers have fallen on hard times due to competition from larger, more established guilds, including the Friendly Bouncers. Ultimately, they were unable to pay rent and were forced out of their apartment/headquarters. Desperate for money, their leader, Phantom Red, accepted a job to steal a precious artifact from a museum exhibit, and ultimately had their asses handed to them by the Friendly Bouncers.


Phantom Red: The self-proclaimed leader of the Phantom Rangers, Red is a brash, loud-mouthed jerk. Insistent of being the source of attention at all times, he is known to lash out at people who ignore him, oftentimes in the most violent manner possible. Red was beaten down and then promptly thrown in jail by the Friendly Bouncers, though he was broken out shortly after. While his time there was short-lived, it was apparently enough to push him over the edge. He was given a chance to redeem his failures, only to be knocked unconscious from severe hemorrhaging and thrown back into jail.

Phantom Blue: A narcissistic elven man obsessed with beauty, Blue is an expert fencer and a hit among the ladies. Unfortunately, his face was ravaged in his first encounter with the Friendly Bouncers. Though he escaped from the museum, the trauma of the incident drove him mad with rage, and he swore vengeance upon the Bouncers. His vengeance was short-lived, however, as Thoradin and Chase caught him off guard and promptly eviscerated him. Dregar took pity on the poor elf and used his Rune of Mending to heal Blue and his precious face.

Phantom Yellow: An energetic halfling woman, Yellow is haplessly addicted to instant curry. She loves it so much, that she has created a unique fighting style combining the spiciest of curries with Arkhosian close combat techniques. Her weaknesses were exposed when Lazlya stripped the hyperactive girl of her curry packets, rendering her completely inert.

Phantom Green: A jovial half-orc with a kind heart and an effective repertoire of wrestling techniques, Green was hesitant to take on the museum heist offered to the Rangers. However, he realized it was the only way to earn the money to support his wife and daughter. Through an honest apology and a bag of fresh bagels, he earned the forgiveness of the Friendly Bouncers, along with the possibility of an internship. He was pulled into a shadowy portal along with Thoradin and Svay in their previous encounter, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Phantom Black: An emo kid obsessed with his pain and the pain of others, Black is a new recruit among the Phantom Rangers. His whereabouts are unknown after escaping from the museum, but quite frankly, nobody really cares.

Phantom Pink: A former member of the Phantom Rangers, Pink recently left the group and went solo, supposedly due to sexual harassment. She resurfaced the night of the museum heist, stealing Fornicus’ neverending wine glass and injecting him and Hermot with concentrated doses of the Crimson Talons’ lunacy potion. The Friendly Bouncers intercepted her the following evening, retrieving the wine glass and forcing Pink to retreat. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Phantom Silver: Claiming to be the sixth member of the Phantom Rangers, Silver arrived to assist the Friendly Bouncers in retrieving Fornicus’ wine glass. She departed shortly, running off in a most awkward fashion. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw her tear off her silver bodysuit, sexually assault a group of male collegiate students, and then spontaneously combust into a puddle of pink goo. Three of the eyewitnesses have been checked into the Rivergate Psychological Rehabilitation Center.

The Phantom Rangers

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