The Templar Actors

Assassins sent to act in Byunei's YIPS play


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List of Assassins:

Adonis Wolfsbane – Former Flowerpot member working for the Templars. He can Bunshin up to the amount of extra nipples he possesses. He bartended for the play.

Bertha Mc Love – A big woman that fielded 3rd base during the Sticks N’ Stones challenge. She attempted to trip two of the players during the game.

Memento Mori – One of Rivergate’s famous AV actor. She played as one of the mayor’s amputee wives. She specialized in chase attacks.

Drunk 1, Georg – An assassin that specialized with the chain whip. His weapon was stolen by Svay after his defeat.

Drunk 2, Zahhak – Had sex with Byunei before the play. Was the last assassin standing and was forced to become Byunei’s sex slave. He specialized in the claw.

Drunk 3, Kyle – A blond-haired staff user that infiltrated the play.

Drunk 4, Ferid – Built like an ox with a rather frightening smile. This assassin hates dwarves.

Lily – A chain-smoking young girl who played as Yersinia during the YIPS play. She was constantly scolded by friends and family for her substance abuse.

Brother Aniki – A single leaf covers his goodies—goodies to every bear man’s heart. He played as a bouncer.

The Templar Actors

The Friendly Bouncers Hirame