The YIPS Play Actors

Actors that didn't bail out of Byunei's play and weren't assassins


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List of Actors:

Shigeno Goro – Played Nogoro Shige, the mastermind behind the YIPS disease.

Pike – Played Mayor Lovecrips, a man with a big heart for amputees and muscle women.

Sif Hinterlands – Played Pharr, a bodyguard to Clamshell Town’s Love Shack.

Baseball Extras:
-Joniqua the Avarician [1st baseman]
-Yoonkers the Merfag [Right Fielder]
-Un Der Boob the Gladiator [2nd baseman]
-Nagger the Sassy Fighter [Center Fielder]
-Haime the Slugger [Shortstop]
-Emporio the Boobguard [Catcher]

The YIPS Play Actors

The Friendly Bouncers Hirame