Cranberry Five

A world famous band known for their awesome tunes and good-looking members. Their members fight evil with the light of song.

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Former Members according to Byunei Wasserjungfer:

Morielle Baklava Sungold – An eladrin with hair that has been kissed by fire. She is rumored to have a justice-oriented mind. She is however, the most scantily-clad member of the team.

Byunei Wasserjungfer – The most effeminate member of the group. He has potential to be a one-man band.

Flynnbert Fizzleboom – The sexiest member of the group. He has room in his heart for every woman alive. He loves to nibble Sienna’s ears.

Yersinia Toppenburg – A sweet child turned jaded after the death of her sister, Persis.

Sienna Altierra – The mother member of the group. She has the biggest assets on this side of the hemisphere.

According to the YIPS play, two more members were temporarily added for the mission: Morielle’s eladrin twin brother and Fornicus.

Cranberry Five

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