Freyadour Ragnar

Senator of Ragnar Rock, Byunei’s father, and the man that hired the Friendly Bouncers to protect his son from Templar Assassins that were secretly acting in his son’s play.

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Freyadour comes from a family full of healers. He is of noble birth and was heir of the Ragnar family until he decided to venture the world to quench his bardic thirst. He is decisive, judgmental, and the rational voice in the group. He usually makes the decisions because he is designated team leader. He is sometimes crass. Because he is fully aware of customs/traditions, he often feels compelled to follow due to his upbringing. He often speaks politely and formally, very rarely scorns authority (which is strange for a bard). Ahsan (Byunei’s other father) usually questions whether Freyadour is telling bardic stories to support the side of the nobility.

As a parent to Byunei, Freyadour taught Byunei the importance of self maintenance and outer image. On many occasions, he felt Byunei has failed him in regards to the latter because of his son’s openness with his sexuality. Freyadour would then try to straighten Byunei up by introducing him to a nice female that he knows. However, Byunei’s other three parents are usually siding with him, supporting his sexuality.

Freyadour Ragnar

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