A letter that Ragnar Rock’s senator, Freyadour Ragnar, wrote to the Friendly Bouncers.

To the Friendly Bouncers,

It is regrettable that I have to ask of this favor, but

you are the only hope to my son’s survival as it stands. My son,
Byunei, is showing his play at Rivergate’s playhouse this very day at
dusk. I have received a threat from the Templars of his life for
aiding the passage a legislative bill. Coincidentally, many of my
son’s actors are missing and he is unable to start the show without
replacements. This is where you all come in.

I need you all to fill in the missing parts and ensure

that my son completes his play. I fear the Templars will be there to
make an attempt at his life and thus want you all to protect him until
the day is over. My men will arrive by twilight and then will you be
relieved of service.

I know that my son is already preoccupied with his play.

It is of utmost importance that you do not inform him of the potential
assassination attempt until the play is over. It will only carry onto
his performance. I am very saddened that my son has to get involved in
my political affairs once again, as I rather have him pursue his

I thank you all for taking this job on such short notice

and I will compensate you beautifully for your deeds.

Senator of Ragnar Rock,

Freyadour Ragnar


The Friendly Bouncers Hirame