The World of Fornicopia

A shop formerly known as Griswold’s Emporium: former home of George “Jorge” Griswold, his unusual wares, and the secret of the Crimson Talons. The shop was bought out by Fornicus and Hermot after the Crimson Talon shenanigans, and is now the home to some of the Friendly Bouncers.

List of currently known products sold at The World of Fornicopia:

Fornicol (10gp) – Now with 300% fire ass!
Body suits of all sizes
Ribbed purple flutes
Potions – prices negotiable
The Adventures of the Friendly Bouncers Book of Eyeshadows – 2500gp

Also, nothing is scarier than having to put up with two weirdos trying to sell you questionable potions.

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The World of Fornicopia

The Friendly Bouncers Hirame