The Friendly Bouncers

At Mr. Ironlung's Infirmary: HQ Reduced to Rubble

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Dear Diary,

I am at the infirmary right now because HQ has been reduced to rubble. Today has been a very hectic day. We had to fight off senior members Fornicus, Hermot, and his Hermielle clones. Someone also burnt down the Fornicopia. We suspect the culprit is the Scottish-fold cat woman that was holding a wine glass that we suspect belongs to senior member Fornicus.

After discovering that blue and green weren’t at the original locations we dropped them at, we grilled Red and Yellow for information:

-A man named Griswold wants the horny hate hat. He will be attending a morning meeting with the Phantom Riders at the alley near the cafe. We might sabotage that meeting.
-The Phantom Riders used to have another member they call Pink. She was known to have issues and insecurities with her ugly ears and with her tribe. We suspect she is the cat girl we saw near the Fornicopia.
-Yellow had one curry packet left. I saved mankind by confiscating it.
-The Phantom Riders are a poor guild and are on the point of being wiped out. They recently got kicked out of their room because they couldn’t pay rent.



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