The Friendly Bouncers

Deep Thoughts (or ramblings) of Svaypak Shakur

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=Begin Ramblings= There has gotta be some better Friendly Bouncer lackeys then those Bulk and Skull tub of lards that came through the hall earlier saying something cheap about Meriele… I mean really? First you insult a good comrade of mine and then you don’t even have chainmail? Hmph… Probably couldn’t fit in any normal chainmail anyways. It is my duty to whip (literally) idiots like that into shape, and they call this generation the best generation… fools I say, LUNGES NOW! I don’t think they will last too long here with the Bouncers. And then… AND THEN they have the audacity to show up at the museum “to stand guard,” what credentials do these fools have? I don’t even think they even have street cred, the nerve showing up AFTER the fight… AFTER! If they wanted some respect from me they would have thrown in a few cents during the battle with the rainbow alliance (yes that is what I am calling those monkeys of all shapes, colors, and sizes, eating during a battle, that’s a slap in the face, I think she died eating while i slapped her in the face, CHOKE ON THAT SCRUB, and boy the odor…) For all I know those 2 chubs were cowering in fear while we, the true bouncers, mopped the floor with the unworthy adversaries. Speaking of the true bouncers (the ones with the sweet insignia AKA non-interns) I’m liking the two newbies, they showed some moxie out there, Dregar and I seem to almost have a 2nd nature mind synergy out on the battlefield, while I am setting the stage its like he knows where im going and gets there before the words leave my mouth, nevermind the lack of a speech filter or weird accent and his obsession with Chase’s chest, it all comes down to the life or death situations and your reaction time. Lazyla held her own, the situation was crap to begin with when the rainbow alliance showed up, she got separated from the core group but she turned it out. Striking from afar and getting to the group. I like how her initiative, and it doesn’t hurt that she is easy on the eyes, a welcome attribute with the bunch we have. I think they will make a welcome addition to the fold. =Svay out=



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