The Friendly Bouncers

Episode 3, Part 3: Alleyway Reunion

After depositing two of the Phantom Rangers in prison and taking a much-deserved rest, the Friendly Bouncers made their way back to the commercial district. Navigating through a bustling farmers’ market, they came to Ye Olde Bagel Corner, where they found Phantom Green emerging with bags full of fresh bagels. Surprisingly, Green formally apologized for his group’s actions, having been forced into taking the job to support his wife and daughter. The Bouncers lived up to their name and forgave the apologetic half-orc, who re-introduced himself as Crogg, and agreed to accompany him in his rendez-vous with the Phantom Rangers’ client.

Dregar and Svay followed Crogg into the alley behind Ye Olde Bagel Corner, while Chase and Thoradin remained hidden in the shadows. To their surprise, they were greeted by the cat-eared girl from the previous night, who introduced herself as Aurora, the former Phantom Pink. With bitterness in her voice and hypocrisy in her choice of clothing, she taunted the group and offered Crogg a chance to redeem his failures by bringing the Friendly Bouncers to her master. When Crogg refused, Aurora upped the stakes. Summoning Phantom Red and Yellow through a portal of shadows, she made them the same offer. Red was determined not to be thrown back in prison, and assaulted the group with a rebel yell. Yellow was hesitant, but promptly discarded her inhibitions upon consuming a packet of Sparking Electric Curry. Blue also made an appearance, now out for blood, but was promptly ambushed and drained of blood by Thoradin and Chase.

Ultimately, the group succeeded in subduing the Phantom Rangers a second time, and were able to retrieve Fornicus’ wine glass from Aurora’s fanny pack. However, the victory was cut short by the disembodied voice of George Griswold echoing through the alleyway, who promptly opened another portal of shadow to retrieve the bloodied Aurora. Thoradin refused to let the girl escape, and attempted to prevent Aurora from escaping. Unfortunately, the plan ultimately backfired, resulting with Thoradin, Svay, Aurora, and Crogg being dragged through the portal by black chains.

Chase and Dregar stood in the empty alleyway, now at a loss for words. They chose to head back and report to Mandingo, who they found conversing with an older man wearing plate armor and a heavy cloak. The man introduced himself as High Inquisitor Melchiot, a member of Rivergate’s Power Trio and a close friend of Mandingo. Hearing of the Bouncers’ run-in with Griswold and Aurora, the Inquisitor divulged that there was more to this incident, and that Griswold was planning something sinister under the cover of a banquet at the estate of Baron von Rossler. Melchiot had a man on the inside, but it would likely not be sufficient to expose Griswold and stop his plans. Chase and Dregar agreed to infiltrate the banquet, by any means necessary, and put a stop to the shady merchant once and for all.

Meanwhile, Svay and Thoradin groggily regained consciousness in an underground jail cell. Slowly regaining their bearings, all they could make out was the idle chatter of guards preparing for their duties at the evening’s banquet.



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