The Friendly Bouncers

Episode 3, Part 4: Death of a Salesman

With Lazlya in tow, Chase and Dregar made their way to the von Rossler estate. Despite some confusion with the guest list, Dregar and Lazlya made their way into the banquet proper, while Chase decided to sneak in through the back. Thanks to some unexpected aid from the carbuncle Lumalise, Chase discovered a secret passage in the stables behind the mansion, leading into what appeared to be a dungeon. Chase was in luck, as he stumbled upon a cell containing Thoradin, Svay, and Crogg. However, his celebration was cut short as he was promptly noticed and disarmed by the leader of the house guard, Captain Krauser. Fortunately, the captain was aware of the Bouncers and their intentions, and freed the captives from their cell. Apparently, the captain suspected that a recent house guest of the Baron was up to no good.

Meanwhile, Dregar and Lazlya scouted things out topside whilst fraternizing with the guards and sampling fine Arkhosian delicacies. With no immediate danger in sight, the main event got underway, with Dregar and Lazlya sitting alongside the Baron as guests of honor. The Baron raised his glass in a toast, and unveiled his newest and greatest discovery: the sarcophagus of Emperor Rhaegon Azurskin himself. Suddenly, a haze manifested over the crowd, lulling the Lazlya and the other partygoers to sleep. Dregar managed to retain his senses and stumble to the sarcophagus, while the culprit made himself known: George Griswold.

Griswold had changed since his last encounter with the Bouncers, his flesh hideously warped and coated with reptilian scales. With sarcastic applause, he congratulated Dregar, offering him a front row seat for his “rise to power”. His plans were cut short, however, with the timely intervention of Chase, Thoradin, and Svay, who charged into battle to join Dregar. Griswold cursed the Bouncers, and with a surge of foul shadow magic, molted his human exterior, revealing a winged, beaked creature, and revealed his true identity: the ex-kobold cultist, Kribble. With his chips on the table, Kribble revealed his true objective: to acquire the body of Rhaegon Azurskin as his new vessel, and establish the supremacy of the Crimson Talon.

The Bouncers, however, would not allow it to come to pass, and after a long struggle, Kribble was routed and banished to a shadowy fate. Baron von Rossler, now owing a twofold debt to the Bouncers, decided to repay them in the most fitting manner possible: a small part of his collection of Arkhosian relics, and a contract to rebuild the Friendly Bouncers’ guild hall.

And so, having saved the day once more, the Bouncers return to their new guildhall-to-be, awaiting their next mission to protect Rivergate from harm.

Spoils of Battle
All: 1000 gp, and a brand new guild hall with the finest Arkhosian architecture
Chase: The barley-laden utility vest of Leland Ericksmoen (“+1 Battle Harness”)
Dregar: The Bear Cloak of Kaiser Harmon Burstner (“+1 Frostwolf Pelt”)
Lazlya: The bracers of Lady von Glauben (“Bracers of Archery”), along with her patented Air Glauben sneakers
Svay: The shield of Alfonso Rygard (“Throwing Shield”), and the training chain of Leland Ericksmoen (Its powers still remain dormant…)
Thoradin: The battle cape of Rhaegon Azurskin (“+2 Cloak of Resistance”, though it smells slightly of poo…)



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