The Friendly Bouncers

The Friendly Shorts: Things Learned in Waiting Rooms

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“I am Dregar Ironsides, pleasure to meet you little girl. You are first girl I meet with such tiny facial hairs. You should make grow so many men will want babies with you.”

“Thank you for your suggestion, Mr. Ironsides. I’m Lazlya Festung and unfortunately, beauty is subjective and I disagree with your advice. I had many men before meeting you, and they’ve all complemented on how hairless I am.

“Human male is crazy! How can one make hard if hair does not tangle with lover? That is how babies make, yes? Great Mother say so.”

“Um, if anything wouldn’t hair make it harder to make “babie”?" “Gets in the way, it seems.”

“Haha. Silly girl, it seem you have lot to learn about the intimacy of weh-woh. You see, when male hair touch female hair, many electron pass to …”

… and many brain cells were killed that day.



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