Byunei Wasserjungfer


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An effeminate Kalashtar man that is a former member of a band known as the Cranberry Five. After his world tour days, Byunei decided to write plays based on his life experiences. In our campaign, the Friendly Bouncers and the rest of Rivergate were given the privilege to hear of his love story with a drow infected with the YIPS.

Byunei is a very eccentric disorganized man who is also very forgetful. He is friendly and usually does not discriminate. As a playmaster, he believes in equal opportunity and will even allow chain-smoking children to act in his play.

He is open about his sexuality, but not as open about it compared to his drow counterpart. After the attempt of his life by the Templar Assassins, he left for Ragnar Rock to discuss matters with his father, his newly acquired sex slave, Zahhak, accompanying him.

Few cute facts about the playmaster:

He is left handed-he bats left, plays left field, and faps with that hand too.
-His past experiences with children has caused him to treat them like fragile objects.
-He is unaware of his ex-lover’s presence in Rivergate.
-His bank is Wells Rivergate.
-He has three other foster parents in addition to Freyadour Ragnar. Due to their differing temperaments and truths, Byunei found himself pulled in many directions.

Byunei Wasserjungfer

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