The Adventures of the Friendly Bouncers Book of Eyeshadows

The Adventures of the Friendly Bouncers Book of Eyeshadows is currently only distributed at the World of Fornicopia, being sold for 2500 gold pieces. Unfortunately, due to some freak fire at the Fornicopia, 99% of the eyeshadows in stock melted, leaving only 5 palettes. Its creator, Hermot, carries one of the palettes with him at all times. Unbeknownst to Hermot, he had depleted the power of the palette in a fight against his own guild members.

When applied, the user will learn an at-will power of that particular character eyeshadow for one encounter. Can only apply one color before encounter starts. On the back of the palette, a message is scribed: “Don’t you be pulling that two-tone or three-tone business on me, MMMHMMM.” In addition, once a color is used, the magical enhancement on that used color will fade and it becomes a normal eyeshadow without an at-will.

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The Adventures of the Friendly Bouncers Book of Eyeshadows

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