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A Night of Stardom

The capture of Garros the Infamous Red Bandit of Rivergate and the foils of the Crimson Talons’ assassination attempts resulted in the Friendly Bouncers receiving attention and praise from the grateful townsfolk. Many new adventurers, impressed by the group’s bravery and strength, came in droves seeking their own glory and reward as they listened to the adventurers recount their tales.

During the midst of this, Bartleby delivered a letter, but it took the team a trip to “The World of Fornicopia” for them to open this letter. It is a letter from a senator named Freyadour Ragnar, who wanted the Friendly Bouncers to protect his son. His son, Byunei, is to have a play at the Kaisergund Playhouse at dusk. Though, they were not too keen on acting, the newly recruited member Chase convinced the team to do so. Svay, on the other hand, talked Craig into playing the role of a strangely familiar drow.

After the play, Byunei wrote a check for the “Friedly Booncers” for a total of 1600gp and gave them an additional 100gp per head for protecting him from the nasty Templar assassins. He then left for Ragnar Rock with his newly acquired sex slave. The team returned to the guild hall, presents awaiting from the man that hired them for the play. They also discovered many copies of a very disturbing book that Chase managed to grab a copy of before Meriele burnt them all to who knows where.

Night at the Museum

One week after the Friendly Bouncers’ momentous foray into theater, Chase, Svay, and Thoradin were summoned to the administrative office of Mandingo himself. There, the guild leader introduced them to two new recruits: Dregar Ironsides, an armor-clad dwarf runepriest with resolve as thick as his Dwarven accent, and Lazlya Festung, a ex-stage crewman in search of new employment. Assigning the three as mentors to the new interns, the group was assigned a new mission, courtesy of one Baron Lars von Rossler, a prominent member of the Rivergate Archeological Society. The job entailed guarding an exclusive museum event showcasing von Rossler’s personal collection of Arkhosian artifacts.

The Bouncers had scheduled for the group to meet with Baron von Rossler that evening, so with time to spare the group decided to scout out the job beforehand. Along the way, they ran into Craig Windsor playing in his usual spot, apparently traumatized from the events that conspired after the play. Desperate to redeem his sexual orientation, he agreed to Svay’s suggestion of working with Byunei to put on the manliest play in existence and stormed off in the direction of the Kaisergund Playhouse.

The Bouncers made their way to Rivergate’s commercial district, encountering an eccentric fruit vendor and an equally jaded pretzel stand employee along the way. Ultimately, the group reached the Rivergate Memorial Spire and climbed to the top of the tower, where the exhibit was scheduled to be held the following day. By a stroke of luck, they ran into Baron von Rossler, who outlined the situation at hand. Apparently, the Baron had received a threatening letter from a group calling themselves the “Phantom Rangers”, vowing to steal the centerpiece of the exhibit: the helm of the ancient dragonborn emperor, Rhaegon Azurskin.

No sooner did the Bouncers come up with a plan to protect the helm, disaster struck. A group of loud-mouthed, hot-blooded individuals in multi-colored spandex uniforms burst through the ceiling into the middle of the exhibit hall. Declaring themselves to be the Phantom Rangers, the brigands vulgarly demanded for the Baron to hand over the helm. Fortunately, the Bouncers intervened and utterly demolished the Phantom Rangers, incapacitating three of them and forcing the remaining two to retreat out a nearby window and down seven stories.

The Bouncers completely exceeded the Baron’s expectations, and believing the threat to have been subverted, he congratulated the group and promised them a handsome reward to be sent in the morning. However, just as the group prepared to leave the guildhall, disaster struck once more. A pair of fiery explosions erupted in the direction of the town square, centered on the Friendly Bouncers’ guild hall and the Fornicopia…

The Guild, the Guild, the Guild is on Fire

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